Thursday, September 9, 2010


Walking pass the town hall of Saint Emilion, I asked myself : why the colors red white and blue of the French flag?
I learned the meaning in school but today... nothing. The revolution, the color of France?
Hurrah for the internet…:
Red for the blood spilled to free the world
Blue for the city of Paris
White for the royalty.

It reminded me of an anecdote with Mr Thierry Manoncourt from Figeac. I had drove him home from Bordeaux to St. Emilion, after a television show in Bordeaux and he asked me where I lived “in the center of the village Mr Manoncourt next to Mr Simon’s garage across the Tour du Roy”, he corrected me and said: “dear friend, St. Emilion is a city, not a village. Besides there is a town hall!”

I do not know what makes the difference between a village and a city, especially if a city has fewer than 200 inhabitants within its walls. Perhaps the mayor will he happy to know that he is the mayor of a city not a village, which is at least able of receiving over one million visitors this year!
Huge amount of visitors and great reputation for Saint Emilion which is in part undoubtedly due to the promotional work done by people like Mr Thierry Manoncourt.

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