Friday, September 10, 2010

It keeps going on...

The rain that that we had waited and desired for so long has finally arrived. This should help greatly the ripening in our vineyards. The next chapter will be the first harvest of red grapes in two weeks.

It’s still going on, even if some bids show, as usual, a bit of retreat from the highest price as in the stock exchange there are corrections.
There are still sales for 2009, major brands were still in demand in September and the qualities of the 2008 or the upcoming 2010 won’t probably have any negative effect on the 2009 prices, no offense to Cassandra and other oracles who can read in coffee beans, brood and only dream of disenchanted futures.
Around 100 2009 wines sold will remain expensive. Maybe lower profit will be to expect but trees don’t grow all the way to heaven.
In the meantime, thousands of bottles of 2009 Bordeaux are for sale for less than 5 Euros!

Yesterday visit of our Ukrainian distributors, with, of course, a visit of the “historical Valandraud” in the village: the birth of garage wine, and then, trip to Saint Etienne de Lisse to see the vineyards, the cellar, the house and, as usual, introduce our neighbors Fleur Cardinale, Rol Valentin and take the road past the chateaux of Pressac and Faugères.
Following, we drove passed all the famous crus located on the hillsides of Saint Emilion to show Clos Badon Thunevin before having lunch at our house :
Deviled eggs, sirloin, French fries and mushrooms, cheese and seasonal desert : candied figs served with vanilla ice-cream.
Blanc de Valandraud 2006, Clos Badon Thunevin 2007, Bad Boy 2007, Bellevue de Tayac 2005, Valandraud 2004 and 1999, our fine Bordeaux and coffee. Hurrah for promoting wines !
Fortunately, Florian was available to translate for our Ukranian guests, able to eat everything (they travel on bicycles!) and all of this with good spirits.
Next time, meeting in Ukraine in 2011?

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