Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terre de Vins vs. Parker : another battle ?

I recommend to read, one of the most upsetting comments I've read recently by searching on wine and news in Google.
On the Terre de Vins site, in the news and society column :
“Loved or despised, the Guide Parker des Vins de France is now available on phones. While the CIVB will launch its own application on Bordeaux wines for Smartphones-Apple’s star, this American lawyers and wine critic Robert Parker is also arriving in Apple Stores ...
Loved or despised in the world of Bordeaux wine for having standardized wines, the Parker Guide des Vins de France arrives in your pocket ...
The parkerised iPhone?

Wines "in his notes for foreign destinations, the almost systematic use of new oak to give a note vanilla wine or micro-oxygenation " should have the spotlight ... As for all wine guides, wine lovers under 17 years are prohibited from downloading and will not be able to find the notes and comments of 10,000 wines listed.”

That’s some news ! but it's a shame that there is no signature from this great and talented journalist highly critical of Robert Parker and his "American" taste.

In any case I’m writing about it just to have a name, so I know in advance, if I meet him, what he believes in as it will save me from wasting time ...
It is a pity because on the same site, there is also a nice interview (in French) of Thierry Desseauve on the press, wine connoisseur and the need for “independent” experts.

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