Thursday, April 1, 2010

Economy and futures

Prices for 2009 Bordeaux futures being released, in other words 200 to 300 chateaux, are offered with a fixed parity between the euro and Chinese Yuan. This proposal is part of an agreement between France and Hong Kong concerning the removal of import duty on last year’s wines.
This will provide greater reliability for the resale price in this market, which is becoming crucial for Bordeaux. It will also facilitate the decisions of a large Chinese client who had decided to buy all the harvests of a 1st cru in Bordeaux for 3 years (1st wine, second wine and even other cuvees?!)
Valandraud is not yet fully concerned, even if Hong Kong is becoming the 1st import market for my wine, negotiations in Hong Kong are made in Dollars.

Last night we had the meal of the year with friends : Endive salad and Foie Gras en Terrine from Michel Puzio from château Croix de Labrie served with Meursault Goutte d’Or 2008; perfect match. Following, omelet with truffles and an anthology Cheval Blanc 1950 to be in harmony with Mr Thienpont’s comments comparing Vieux Château Certan 2009 with 1950! May he be right!
Petrus 1975 to be the perfect match with beef filet and mash potatoes with truffles. What can I say, except that everyone recognized Petrus blind and mentioned 1971 or 1975. So, hats off, my guest were at the level of the wines served during this evening.
The brie with truffles preceded the strawberry and raspberry soup served with our 2007 Maury from Thunevin-Calvet; remarkable.
We didn’t drink Valandraud, the very rare 1990 rated 100 points by the famous critic Jacques Luxey was broken by our turbulent cat INAO.

Jean Marc Quarin keeps posting his notes on his website and those of the Wine Spectator rightly reward “Stéphane Derenoncourt”. Today, Sud Ouest published an article (in French) on Brigitte Chevalier, who presented her wines at our tasting.
Many people attended our tasting: buyers and journalists, of course, but also our suppliers, coopers, bankers, who come to our place to feel the atmosphere.
The UGC announced 6,000 professionals, perhaps 10% came to our place which is already not bad.

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