Monday, April 26, 2010

Wine Advocate

Latest sighs, latest forecasts, last hopes, milk jugs, castles in Spain, dreams of grandeur, social position, first in the class, self-esteem, competition, price increases, simply wine sold to everyone: Parker’s notes on Bordeaux 2009 vintage are important.
Large or small chateaux, classified in 1855 or newcomers, wine growers, brokers, wholesalers, distributors and customers, many people in the Bordeaux wine world are affected by Mr Robert Parker’s up-coming notes (expected on the night of April 27/28).
Every year is the same story, only the 2009 vintage has something more, a new item: the response of the large Chinese market, where cellars still have no past vintages, empty of competing wine, because Bordeaux is still the reference. And this added to the effect of a great vintage plus speculation which can give cold sweats to even the most seasoned professionals.

On another subject, although…, Peter Sisseck (Pingus) and Jacques Thienpont (Le Pin) announced their intent to buy vineyards in Saint Emilion. Proof that there are still great terroir for sale in Saint Emilion, that Saint Emilion can also make these 2 stars dream, and this is good for Saint Emilion (in my opinion).

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