Thursday, April 8, 2010

More notes...

In the last issue of WeinWisser, René Gabriel liked and gave good notes to the 2009 vintage. Many of our wines and wines I consult for or distribute were given 19 and 18 out of 20.
19/20 for Gracia, Haut Condissas, Valandraud and Clos Badon
18/20 for Beau Soleil, Branda, Romanile, Croix de Labrie, Croix Figeac, Pressac, Faugères, Fayat, Fleur Cardinale, Grand Destieu, Haut Carles, Haut Mazeris, La Dominique, Clos du Beau Père, Le Gay, Le Moulin, Les Gravières, L’Inclassable, Maro de Saint Amant, Marquis de Terme, Moulin Haut Laroque, Peby Faugères, Prieuré Lescours, Prieurs de la Commanderie, Rollan de By, Rol Valentin, Tour des Termes, Villhardy, Virginie de Valandraud, etc…
The German and Swiss market are sensitive to René Gabriel’s notes : I am already getting some requests… Thanks a million René Gabriel.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis is tougher. It is difficult to get 19 or 20 out of 20 ! She is part of the « big five » wine critics in the world.
For Saint Emilion : Lynsolence 14.5, Clos Badon 17, La Dominique 17.5, Faugères 16.5, Peby Faugères 16.5, Fleur Cardinale 16.5, Patris 15, Pressac 15, Rol Valentin 16, Valandraud 17.5, Virginie de Valandraud 17.
The best notes for Saint Emilion were given to Angélus with 18, Cheval Blanc 18.5, Pavie 18.

Yesterday, we received 2 critics : Michael Schüster as well as Pierre Guigui for Gault et Millau. Our Korean customer stopped by to see the film on Bad Boy. Incredible quality, like a James Bond, chic, glamour. The artists are simply very good looking and the story romantic and sexy. I would love to attend the viewings to hear the comments.
This evening, a new customer sent by François Des Ligneris, owner of l’Envers du Décor, interested by Bad Boy for the Swiss German market.

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