Friday, April 9, 2010


Vive the internet, Chris Riccobono posted the video of an interview he made during the 2009 en primeur tastings at my place in Saint Emilion, in the historical “Garage” where Valandraud was born.

He asked many questions which I answered as best as I could with many people around and background noise, but as the camera was not moving like in Mondovino, he won’t be selected for the Cannes Festival!
In any case, it is a snapshot of a moment, I will only need to watch it at a later date to remind me how much I enjoyed drinking the 2009 Bordeaux, and that I answered that my favorite wine, after mine, is Pingus. I also mentioned that one of my favorite wines this year in Bordeaux is the excellent Marquis de Terme.
Thanks Chris.

For your info, you can see people walking around the garden and see who’s working and who’s not

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