Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The die is cast

A little summary from last Saturday :

We still had a few more meals and critics, then we just have to wait for the results and articles on all the tastings and keep our fingers crossed. Already comments and notes from Jean Marc Quarin are coming out where Valandraud 2009 got a nice note: 17.75 and very nice comments.
Moulin Haut Laroque 16.75, Troplong Mondot 18, Lynsolence 16.5, Peby Faugères 16.5, Fleur Cardinale 16.25, Faugères 15, Laroze 16.5, Beauséjour Bécot 16.5, La Gomerie 16.25, Larmande 16, Lucia 15.5, Sansonnet 14.75, Soutard 16, Angélus 18, La Clotte 17.5, Rol Valentin 16.25, Clos Badon 15.5, Clos Romanile 15, La Dominique 15, La Clotte 17.5, 3 de Valandraud 14.75, Villhardy 15.75, Virginie 15, Magrez Fombrauge 16.25.
Jean Marc Quarin’s subscription is useful for the notes are not everything. Comments also allow winemakers listed to understand the whys and hows and buyers to have an idea on the style of the wines to help them decide which to buy.
The Wine Spectator already pulbished many good notes and coments. It looks like James Suckling liked this vintage. Wine Spectator is the most powerful media with Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and, as we would say in the wholesale business, is able to move cases !

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