Monday, April 5, 2010

April fool

First of all, there was, of course, no 100 points for Château Valandraud 1991 given by Jacques Luxey’s Grand Jury. In addition, the Chinese didn’t buy 3 years of production of a 1st growth, but maybe more?

Hervé Bizeul’s blog (in French), posted new avenues to classify, even though, many articles on billionaires turning into winemakers or bosses of big industries buying Bordeaux Grand Crus.
James Suckling from the Wine Spectator made a little film on blind tasting at my place. The shots were improvised and done in one take.
We’re ready to join the team of the Comedy Club.
During our tastings in Saint Emilion, I announced to Michel the good note, 95/97, he got from the Wine Spectator and made a bet with Bob that he would shave his mustache if Fleur Cardinale was given 100 points, while for me, I would shave my head if I got the same note. I showed up with a hat to hide my thinning hair…
Tough life, but this is also what wine is about, a drink to have fun.
Champagne is not the only one.

On another subject, this year, the atmosphere at our place was more than fun. This could be due to this great 2009 vintage or instead, the small rooms, the sort of labyrinth and the patio made it more convivial. Young representatives of wines presented may have also played as well as the quality of the wines: Pingus, Deiss, Tenuta di Trinoro our garagists: Croix de Labrie, Gracia, Lynsolence, Marojallia, new and old, but mostly without a doubt, the great service Serge and his girls gave bringing us every morning chocolatines and croissants, and good French meals/snacks for lunch.
I greatly thank them.

Friday was the last day. We now just have to wait for the first releases of this great and beautiful vintage.

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