Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday, I learned the following definition: " physicians sharing illegally their fees."
For a hypochondriac, this is a terrible word. For someone like me who’s afraid of disease and doctors, I must find words to counterbalance this one!

I thought that the good notes Parker gave me would calm me down, well ... yes ... but some friends who are not used to get average notes and really suffer from them, are tampering my happiness.
What's great about Parker is that he tastes wines several times and is able to change his opinion.

We celebrated these notes with Michel Puzio (Croix de Labrie 92-95), Michel Gracia (96-98) and 2 other famous wines : we were at least 10 to drink Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, Roederer Brut and red wines : Peby Faugères 2000, very good, Troplong Mondot 2007, one of the best 2007 actually noted again 93/100 by Robert Parker, and Valandraud 2007, not noted again but still very good – but I’m partial. I left, but they went on with Haut Carles 2005, Gracia 2000 and Beau Père 2006.

Valandraud 2007 was not noted again for no one asked me for a sample to be reviewed. Goes to show !

In any case, 2007 will be forgotten for some time as our clients are now focused on 2009 and in a “cooperative” spirit on the previous vintage 2008, where there will be good deals to be found.

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