Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good day

Tuesday, April 27 2010 : Annual lunch offered to Bordeaux brokers and wholesalers who buy Bernard Magrez's wines : Pape Clément red and white, Grands Chênes, Magrez Fombrauge and Fombrauge red and white.

Before this delicious meal and wines from the property, 2009 tasting. All very well made. Bernard Magrez spoke about communication and friendship, Montaigne and La Boetie.

For dinner, we were invited to Jean Marie Amat's restaurant in Lormont (Château du Prince Noir). During the meal, we spoke about Spinoza, friendship, also quickly, life passing too fast: these moments also too fast. The Dorade Royale was… “royale”, Cristal Roederer 2002 sublime, Mas Daumas Gassac white 2008, fortunately followed by Carbonnieux Blanc 2008 J, a nice bottle of Mouton Rothschild 2003, this vintage is definitely atypical, and to end joyously Lalande Borie 2005 and there, vive this vintage!

Parker's notes were published before and during the meal, which made Murielle and I even more happy because for the first time since 1991 we got a note above 95 for Valandraud 2009 with 95-98.

Many good notes for my friends' wines, where Robert Parker's power will boost sales, at least for the lesser known wines.

In the same issue of Wine Advocate, Peter Sisseck “rocks”.
Pingus 1997 got 99, Flor de Pingus 94 and Amelia 97. Bravo!

Now, we just have to wait for the releases, with prices and quantities...

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