Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday afternoon, I went to Bordeaux to tape France 3’s local news for Stéphane Toutoundji (his blog : The 5 sense) enologist and his partner Gilles Pauquet, to talk about the primeurs 2009, I suppose.

On Stephane’s blog, I read a thought, posted on April 8, I’ve shared for several years (6/7 years): Journalists and professionals will systematically taste well known wines, even in “off site” places: How can we be part of it? That’s the question.
In Mark Squire’s BB, free on Robert Parker’s site, Robert Parker posted his comments on the price of the 2009 futures and the release of first growths.
On dé (in French), my friend Patrick Essa posted his tasting notes on a few 2009 Bordeaux. It’s in French, which is handy for me…

On La Passion du Vin, Bertrand Le Guern posted his statistics where the average is quite high for many wines and proves the quality of the vintage.

Hong Kong, suite: 2 interviews with 2 of the 3 Masters of Wine working in Hong Kong. In addition to this prestigious title, they are also attractive journalists: Jeannie Cho Lee (originally from Korea) and Debra Meiburg. The questions were simple, fast, a bit unconventional in this context. This is the renewal place for media and the birth of new stars. Just look at the success of Lafite and 30 brands in this vast market.

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