Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The cold winter is is a good pretext to do a lot of meals and tastings, with an excellent Clos de Sarpe for around 100 euros. Sarpe 2001, rated 95 by Parker lives up to its promises. Rich, powerful, fine, it now starts to open-up. Hard to find, I admit, but well worth the trouble to find.
The truffles brought by our guests were superb, as well as this superb wine that I recommend to all my friends: Quinta Sardonia 2006 which, with Flor de Pingus 2003, is part of Spanish wines I have in my private cellar, and Murielle’s famous paella was a good excuse to open them.
Champagne Dom Perignon 2000 works well too with the truffles

We tasted, in Carles, all the batches of 2009 - Haut Carles and Carles, with Alain Raynaud, Jean Philippe Fort, Stéphane Droulers (the owner), Sebastien Bouëtz and his employee, Murielle and me.
It's hard not to notice that this is a great vintage, but difficult to guess such early futures wines produced with grapes harvested later than elsewhere and with such fine density. I think that wines from Fronsac will be tasted earlier this year. It's a good idea, but visiting professionals will need some experience to decode these pupae

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