Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tastings : Lafont Fourcat and Valandraud

Tasting with my friend Paul Marie Morillon, who is more stressed than me… Goes to show.
2009 whites which we run out only after 6 months, delicious : Muscadelle is a strange varietal, capable of the best and the worst.

Lafont Fourcat 2008, made to cellar, will please our customers who know the incredible potential value these Lafont Fourcat have, red or white.
2009 is one of the successes of this incredible vintage. The cuvee A Nos Amours will certainly get passionate comments.

The meal, we ate again at the restaurant Les Marroniers in Montagne, was perfect : the sirloin is definitely worth the trip and the atmosphere of this restaurant is quite unique. Directors, managers, cellar masters of famous properties meet there, like often here at l’Envers du Décor.

In the afternoon, a group of German wine industry professionals with an Austrian friend visited Valandraud. It gave me the opportunity to taste again the 2008 before bottling: Better than I thought, and for the 1st time, a sample of what Valandraud 2009 could be – as a few batches have not yet finished their malolactic fermentation – I say a sample close to what Valandraud 2009 could be and which can still improved for the last batches who still need to go through their fermentation are usually the best.
Well, our German friend fell on their “butt”. Same with our friend Robert Vifian a few weeks ago, and even François Mauss. It is the first time I feel Valandraud tastes so good at this stage of evolution. It was so good that I brought the rest of the bottle at home to drink with Murielle while watching the “petit journal people” on TV… And the Marojallia 2001 we drank at the table was perfect. For those who want to include a “Pirate” wine in a blind tasting of wines from this beautiful appellation Margaux.

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