Thursday, February 18, 2010


A piece is being written by a journalist and photographer, both Norwegian. They were surprised to be able to speak their own language: John Egeland, who is in charge of the trading branch of my wholesale business, is Norwegian, as his name suggests.
So, it was easier to understand and translated the questions and answers without using English.
It's amazing how I often enjoy more journalists from the general than the wine journalists who lack the freshness of innocence on the art of wine. I understand that the magazine they write for is the supplement of a highly recognized business paper. Norway is, I believe, one of the richest countries in Europe and its good for my company as I sell almost nothing in this country while we are doing well in Sweden and Finland.

Their piece was developped following research they made on the internet, the garagist movement and of course Robert Parker ! The English version of my blog helped them to make this piece (thanks Christian Dalbavie ).
Many questions, some were limit provocative, which I enjoy. The ecology, tradition, Michel Rolland, Parker, my influence, various ancient techniques, new strains of yeast, etc…
We ate at my house and tasted Valandraud 2009, 2008, 1999, then Bad Boy 2006, which well decanted, was for me an aromatic bomb, with luxurious oak, spices, fragrances of Cuban cigars… starting to be sexy. For those who follow, 2007 is ultra sexy, slutty some stuck-up would even say.
Bad Boy is a wonderful communicating tool which more and more of our clients like, some countries are even negotiating for large volume: 40,000 bottles here, 5 to 10,000 bottles there. This helps talk about Valandraud even Fleur Cardinal our my wholesale business.

During the day, I signed a commercial seasonal lease for a location on top of the town of Saint Emilion. This will make 3 retail stores for this season.
Yesterday, I would have liked to go with Murielle to listen to explanations on Sufism, a mystical and acetic spiritual movement in Islam (opposite attracts), but the stress of the futures campaign is draining me and takes over my entire mind. I am becoming increasingly weak, the experience is useless and I am not getting better.

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