Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking for the ladies on TV

Deprived of the "Petit Journal" yesterday evening, I zapped Canal + and was happy to see, on an American channel, the famous Charlie Rose who I had met several years ago in Saint Emilion during a meal-interview on the Parker myth.

This morning, Murielle told me about her trip to Paris with this group of winemakers, her visit of the National Assembly while in session with MPs and ministers shouting at each other and making plenty of noise. The tasting was attended by a lot of people and had a friendly atmosphere except for Mr. Soisson who had not realized that this event was mainly to taste Bordeaux made by women. It’s unfortunate that Yan Barthes TV was not there to record his "borloorismes" !
Perfectly organized, thanks to Françoise and Jean Paul Garraud’s work and of course Anne Marie Galineau .
A comment was already posted by Chloé Woitier on (in French).

And even a picture made by Marie Roginska

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