Friday, February 19, 2010

February 17, a day not like others

9 am : meeting with the boss of KPMG enterprises who came to present the result of his study, his thoughts on my company’s financial, its weaknesses, strengths, opportunities for assets revaluation, in fact, some of my company’s revenues, which is already over 20 years old, appearing on the balance sheets are either nil or at the level of the original purchase price, possible developments of owned brands; work that calls for more during our annual meeting with our business lawyer, my lawyer, financial adviser (who just started), the auditor, my chief accountant, Murielle and me.
We will again, but more seriously, bring up the idea of Holding or subsidiaries sharing on one side of the heritage aspect and the other the commercial and, of course, the tax implications.

11 am : meeting with a fellow wholesaler to praise the merits of Chateau La Dominique. The technical director amazed me by the evolution of his agricultural knowledge. We tasted La Dominique 2006-2007-2008 (incredible) and 2009
Meals at home - the truffles are good this year – with the opportunity to talk about the wholesale business, even time to tell old stories about friendship and failures, error on my part perhaps? Royal or Sarkozy are not the only ones who show repentance these days!

4pm : meeting with Richard Hardillier from H&A rentals, who is in charge of financing and buying my barrels. It’s known. Still 379 barrels this year of low yields. Last year, we purchased 654 barrels, new, of course and that were sold after 14 to 18 months.

When you finish these meetings, in addition to normal work, you have to start over.
Yesterday was a bit more relaxed: dinner at a friend’s house and in the morning, tasting of the 2007 vintage at Chateau Giscours, organized by UGC for Bordeaux wholesalers. Good, and not so good, they are still hard to sell… In any case, I really liked Troplong Mondo 2007, simply amazing. What will it be for 2008 and 2009!

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