Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last Friday 19, we had dinner at our home for the first time with a couple, owner of famous cru from Saint Emilion. We wanted to invite them for a long time but ended by rescheduling many times. We regretted not having invited them sooner; but that's the way it is, sometimes simples things are complicated. Strange, no?...

To fight every diseases, Doctor Servan-Schreiber recommends taking Vitamin D and human relationships around a meal and a good glass of wine: As for us, we do drink wine (sometimes too much), but we never have enough opportunities to speak, exchange ideas, sometimes saying stupid things or even serious things. We cure ourselves with love and friendship.

Saturday, 20th in the evening, we were invited in Entre Deux Mers by a friend who started making wine in 2007. He chose a good period and faced the hardest times and is part of these Bordeaux who hefty budgets. Jean Marc Quarin already liked his 2008 and 2009

Sunday at 11:30 am, the mid-Atlantic Porsche club came to visit the garage of Valandraud and taste Valandraud 2009, Bad Boy 2007 and Valandraud 1999. All their beautiful cars parked on the Garage Simon, we bought recently. Sometimes, it helps to be a garagist.

They just visited a 1st growth, with its history, terroir and wines. Our story is different but more appropriate for the Porsche club. Doesn't Valandraud have the power of a Carrera?

It was a large group, more than 40 and they were fun and all wine lovers. One of them was a fan of Valandraud and Virginie de Valandraud (bought in his Leclerc in Charente). The garage was used for the first time, and will be used for the en primeur tasting March 29 to April 2.

March issue of “Terre de Vin”: nice publication this month. We'll see what will happen in the next few months: nice paper, photos and a few in depth articles. Competition is good for these 2 publications, RVF and Terre de Vin: both are much better!

In this issue of Terre de Vin, a nice article on Bernard Magrez and his family, written by Seguin, a talented journalist from the newspaper Sud Ouest.

Also included a few pages on the hidden side of Saint Emilion as well as 1 page and a nice article on Murielle and her Blanc de Valandraud as well as her other activities, with a nice photo of her in our kitchen with empty bottles of Pingus and Petrus. Does it mean that we need to open some more?

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