Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wines drank with our meal

Clos Dalmasso 2007, the rarest wine in Saint Emilion, produced in Rémi Dalmasso’s garden, our cellar manager who is in charge of Valandraud’s winemaking since 1998! Time flies… He has now the opportunity to buy an additional hectare, his garden is growing… it reminds me another story.
Good wine, obviously, much better than many well known crus sold for more money. With Clos Dalmasso 2007, I also poured Valandraud 2007 which is today – while waiting to be shut – really good to drink: power and ripeness in a difficult vintage, and notes of wood rarely so elegant, fine, subtle. Our coopers and enologists did a haute-couture job. Considering the price, it is a minimum we can do.
At the end and for the first time, our Fine of Bordeaux (Brandy) before being bottled. This year, perhaps?

Our most faithful and best customer, from Japan, hopes we will be able to offer quantities of 2009 at prices the market can bare. As he has been buying from us every year for the past 15 years, even in lesser vintages, he has the right to ask us to provide him more than wines from lesser vintages!
We both are able to loose money, even a lot from time to time, as long as we are able to recover our losses with higher vintages, like 2009. What we missed in 2007.

A thought came to me yesterday, I think that some 2009 taste like this magnum of Mouton 45 I drank a few years ago with a group of friends…

1st offer for 2009 futures: Thieuley white and claret offered the same price than 2008. Should we take this as a sign?

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