Saturday, November 14, 2009

Regarding "Management issues" and "Expats"

I read, on my blog, many comments (over 30) on an important subject: the appointment of a Managing Director for the wholesale part of my business. The production division is already in place with Christophe Lardière, Murielle Andraud and Rémi Dalmasso, each in their respective position and fulfilling my goals perfectly.

This director will, judging by the comments of some, have no problems fulfilling his role, whose main goal is to reduce my work load, control and manage the wholesale activity, and oversee the sales team in order to get better results everywhere.
In addition, their will be the creation of one or 2 retail stores and more focus on sales activities in restaurants and wine shops, initially in our region and later Paris and the rest of France.

He has his work cutout.

Some comments were very negative, even boarding defamatory.
In any event, I will have a better idea in a few months if I made the right choice by offering this position to Eric Talavet. I will know if the operation of my business has improved.
Doing nothing would have anyway been a mistake. It was time for me, spending more time travelling, to have someone in charge of operations.
I hope Eric Talavet is the right choice for me, my staff and my business.

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