Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Vertical Tasting Château Valandraud
Starting at 10:30 am

- Ch. Valandraud 1995
- Ch. Valandraud 1996
- Ch. Valandraud 1997
- Ch. Valandraud 1998
- Ch. Valandraud 2003
- Ch. Valandraud 2004
- Ch. Valandraud 2005
- Ch. Valandraud 2006
- Ch. Valandraud 2008

Lunch (until 3:00 pm)

- Blanc de Valandraud # 1 2006
- Blanc de Valandraud # 1 2005
- Bad Boy 2006
- Virginie de Valandraud 2006
- Ch. Valandraud 1999
- Dom. Calvet-Thunevin Maury 2004

STEINHEUER Restaurant / Hotel
Landskroner Strasse 110
53474 Bad Neuenarh-Ahrweiler (Ortsteil Heppingen)
Tel : 49 2641 9 48 60

This is what I did Monday with our German distributor/importer, represented by Andrea (she’s a bit like a witch as I made it on time for my flight despite a big traffic jam) and Marcus.
Around 15 German restaurateurs and sommeliers from Michelin stars restaurants in Cologne’s region, attended. The bad weather didn’t prevent me from admiring the vineyards planted on steep hills. I also had the opportunity to taste an incredible wine made from Pinot Noir, with incredible ripeness and modernity: Jean Stodden 1999 Spät Burgunder JS Recher Herrenberg, Alte Reben Auslese Trocken Ahr (I wrote everything down but didn’t understand anything, however, it is very good ). Following, we drank a sparkling wine made with Pinot (?), a German Riesling, a thirst wine, a bit carbonated, low in alcohol, and sweet fruit. It is the first time I understand the meaning of “thirst wine”: easy to drink, like fruit juice.
The love of cooking, especially French cooking should make us, at least, a bit more grateful: these stories, love for French products: meat, fruits, wine, cheese, poultry, etc… All these Michelin stars, happy to do this job and take the time, from 10 am to 4 pm, to taste wines from a “garagist” and ready to share and be seduced.
Vive Alpina, our distributor, the one I had to have them in this country, me garagist and them, associated to the Alpina (BMW) group, luxury cars manufacturer as well as wine distributor.

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