Monday, November 9, 2009


The French expatriates I meet during all my travels put my story into perspective when I resigned from my job in a bank earning a comfortable salary for the time and sent me living into a low-rent housing in La Plante in Libourne and where the previous secure income made way to… none (thank you ... Murielle).

Each trip, and here once again, the French "on duty", sommelier, translator, reminded me my own story, except that I admire those who, in addition, leave their family, their roots, language, to soak up Chinese culture, Japanese, etc ... Finding the strength to leave everything, to start all over, accepting to go down in the social ladder and salary to live their dream.

This attraction and love they have for their adopted country does not prevent them from always being French - expatriate.

Every time, I am amazed and grateful because they do everything they can to facilitate my life, my work, my desires, they are happy to participate in my challenges, to convince me to sell my wines and those of my company, often having fun at my lack of English, Japanese, Chinese, and agreeing to translate my moments of happiness and softening my anger.

Long live this France helping us, we are lucky to have this diaspora helping our country, its culture and economy.

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