Monday, November 9, 2009

Château La Dominique 2009

This Friday, I tasted every batch of Chateau La Dominique 2009 after fermentation and before the malolactic begins. Well, it's very good. Each tank, each batch is done to make a great wine, and not much second wine.
As already predicted, it will be at least the level of 1989 which was and is one of the great successes of the chateau. The fact that it is good is not a surprise, what is, is that all the vineyards, all the plots, and even the cabernet franc are very good. Quality and volume is what defines a truly great vintage.

By us, in Valandraud, we are also looking at a great wine, but we're just at the end of maceration and not yet before the malos. Unfortunately, the quantities will be lower: hail last Spring damaged some parcels on our property.
Fleur Cardinale is very good too. Doing better every year is becoming difficult. But the maceration are just now being completed.
In Carles, a incredible wine is being produced. Thank you Alain Raynaud, Jean Philippe Faure, and Sebastien who have exceeded the work any 1st growth in Bordeaux is able to do.
For sure, Bad Boy, will be good and Haut Mazeris will be outstanding.

Today, in the cellars of Bordeaux, before malolactic and before barreling, we undoubtedly have one of the best wines produced. The vintage effect that has often played tricks on Bordeaux can also bestow this 2009 vintage will be a reference.

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