Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Regarding the 2009 vintage

All the batches have finally been transferred either to barrels, or vats for the malolactic. For us in Saint Emilion, we have few problems with sugar having difficulties fermenting. Thank you temperature control, thank you Remi, other than that we’ve been experiencing some problems with remaining sugar in my other properties. It was to be expected given the richness of our grapes.

The best vat of Valandraud 1995 finished fermenting after the malolactic in July… Goes to show how patient you must be sometimes. We also had 2 barrels in 2008 which refused to finish fermenting the remaining sugar. We will use these for table wine to drink at home. After the angel’s part, is it the devil’s?
I can’t wait to taste the 2009 vintage in March to see if the dates for the harvest, early, late, show in the wine, as I read that it is good everywhere. Another wine mystery to be clarified.

Also, while still reflecting on wine, I increasingly hear and see strong opposition to new barrels and wood in general. Is this true? Is this cyclical? Is it because the price of barrels?

What is certain is that our top professionals don’t like to taste new barrel in our fine wines, this does not mean that they like the taste of the old barrel.

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