Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday at lunch, we hosted, at Valandraud in Saint Etienne de Lisse, a group of Japanese, Danish and Russian journalists with a Couscous, which will become our “trademark”. I don’t forget my origins as Pied-Noir and love this simple cuisine which I enjoyed and my guests too.
Following a few pictures and a visit of the cellar, done with basic information as some of these journalists are only writing for “lifestyle” sections, we tasted 2 batches of 2009 from the barrel.
The Carmenere is simply stunning. Unfortunately, we only have one and half barrel, and the Merlot an anthology. Considering the malolactics have not yet been completed, goes to say.
In fact, it is rare to enjoy tasting wines at this stage. And yes, I know ... if it's too good, it's not normal ... But I leave that to the wine lovers. I have the impression that opinions created and advocated by 1982 are emerging this time around.
However, isn’t it normal to arouse suspicion when Bordeaux announces regularly the vintage of the century?
We need the Russian market, especially as this market, along with the USA, sales have been inexistent lately.

Otherwise, its always as much fun to receive Japanese, as they’re always so happy to visit Valandraud and just as curious about our fairy tale “Cinderella Wine”.

As for the Danes, Peter Sisseck is the golden key – Pingus is worth any titles in the world. Thanks Peter for helping me with your story, find some legitimacy within the “cult” wine competition.

After couscous, the macaroons from our neighbor Blanche-Fermigier are an indispensable part of Saint Emilion’s gastronomy and as soon as they are done, these journalist continue their tour of Bordeaux vineyards. Garage or not, we now have our place.

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