Wednesday, November 25, 2009


During my trips, I often run into friends or colleagues who do the same as me. The last ones I met are Michel Garat from vignobles du Crédit Foncier de France ( Château Beauregard in Pomerol and Bastor la Montagne in Sauternes) and Thibault Despagne (Mont Perat, Girolate) who I always have pleasure to see, so much I like the energy and the talent of this family.
As one of their wines is prominently cited in the manga “Drops from God”, this reminds me the influence of mangas today in Japan, Korea, as well as China and France, and sold by small street vendors in Hong Kong.

We drank in the restaurant Ambre in the Mandarin Landmark, an excellent wine made with old Australian Mourvèdre, planted in 1880 ( ?)
It was called Old Garden 2006 from Hewitson, in the Barossa Valley, and served in a screw-cap bottle.
A very good wine sold at a moderate price, at least in a restaurant where we ate well: modern cuisine but tasty, with an emphasis on texture made by a creative chef – from the Netherlands but who learned his craft with some of the best French chefs.

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