Sunday, November 8, 2009

Management question

Tuesday evenings, I had a meeting at my office with 2 students from Bordeaux business school (BEM) to talk about management issues in companies.
Amazing timing considering that I just hired Eric Talavet as CEO, to particularly oversee my company’s sales department. The goal is to ease my workload and have more professional control over this activity which is now the only commercial source for my product, having made the decision to pull Virginie de Valandraud and Valandraud from the efficient system of Bordeaux open market.
I think, I am not the best to talk about management, as I'm aware of my shortcomings, even if I have made progress since the beginning of my activities as business owner in the 1980s.
The crisis forced me to tighten the screws, to ask for more, and as opposed to what Sarkozy announced (earn more), and preserve at least what has already been acquired.
The year 2010 is without doubt the year of recovery for Bordeaux wines, thanks to the 2009 vintage, as long as a company is not in too bad of a shape to tackle it.

On television last night, I watched the football game won by Bordeaux against Bayern Munich on Canal +, and, on channel 5, following a report on Chinese in Paris and France, the film "Who would have thought" who spoke about St. Emilion’s classification, is it still relevant?


Alex Worsley said...

I am sure you will not be dissapointed with your recruitment. Although I only met Eric Talavet on one occasion I found him to be a tremendous bloke and have subsequently kept in touch with him. He is very entertaining, really knows his wine (especially Bordeaux obviously) and great company. I will certainly be buying more wine from him in the future. Good luck with the job Eric.

edwards-andrew said...

Congratulations on the appointment of Eric Talavet as your new CEO. I already loved France before I met him, but he has given me a new thirst for fabulous wine and a hunger for more beautiful French culture. Eric is a delightful, charming and very knowledgable man who is certain to attract many more loyal patrons and customers to the Thunevin international family. I sincerely wish great happiness and success for your alliegance