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Results from the Grand Jury Européen

Below, the first results of the 2006 tasting organized by the Grand Jury Européen, written by François Mauss in the recent comment he wrote on my blog :

As I will be a bit late to publish the complete report on the session, and in view to Laurent’s special event (on GJE’s blog as well as Perrin’s), below are listed the wines which received at least 5 stars in the official classification:

Pessac-léognan Pape Clément ******
Saint-julien Léoville las Cases *****(*)
Pauillac Mouton Rothschild *****(*)
Saint-estèphe Lafon - Rochet *****(*)
Margaux Prieuré - Lichine *****(*)
Pomerol Rouget *****
Moulis-en-médoc Branas Grand-Poujeaux *****
Pessac-léognan Haut-Brion *****
Médoc Haut-Condissas *****
Médoc Tour Blanche *****
Pauillac Le Petit Mouton *****
Saint-émilion GCCB Pavie *****
Margaux Lascombes *****
Pessac-léognan Branon *****
Fronsac Haut-Carles *****
Pessac-léognan La Mission Haut-Brion *****
Saint-julien Beychevelle *****
Pauillac Pontet-Canet *****
Margaux Palmer *****
Margaux Confidence *****
Saint-estèphe Cos d'Estournel *****
Pomerol La Violette *****
Pessac-léognan Domaine de Chevalier *****
Haut-médoc La Tour Carnet *****
Pomerol La Fleur de Gay *****
Saint-émilion GCC Monbousquet *****
Pessac-léognan De Fieuzal *****
Saint-émilion GC Valandraud *****
Saint-émilion La Mondotte *****
Haut-médoc La Lagune *****
Saint-julien Léoville-Poyferré *****

Pape Clément first - it’s becoming a habit, Fombrauge the winner of Saint Emilion Grands Crus cup, Bernard Magrez can be proud.
I know that blind tastings don’t provide the full appreciation of a wine, but just the fact of being included in the competition is already a sign for wine, whether the results are good or bad. It is everybody’s choice to interpret these classifications, in any case, by regularly finishing on top, Pape Clément, Pavie, Pontet Canet, Ducru Beaucaillou, Angélus and others have made their path towards being considered great brands.
It used to be said (and still today), in Bordeaux: “super second” (= La Mission, Las Cases, Palmer..). Competition is tough in this field.
On another subject, I have a little comment regarding wines obsessed of being better that Petrus. By trying to prove too much, you end up proving the opposite. I never had the intention, with Valandraud, to be better than such and such wine, but only to be regularly part of the best and to deserve the place given to me by Bettane, Parker, Gabriel or Jancis Robinson or many others and so, justify (for reasons sometimes not too kosher) the price I asked for and often got!

I was invited for dinner last night by a couple of friends at the terrace of Plaisance, to share this nice moment with Canadian friends of Annie and Francis Goulée.
We had a very nice meal, with the evening atmosphere, a refreshing breeze and a beautiful view on the village of Saint Emilion at our feet. The charming company and very good meal greatly deserved the various good comments I read. Creative cuisine and especially tasty, it made me want to be invited more often
A small drawback: the chairs on the terrace are nice but not comfortable for my fragile back, especially when the meal lasted from 8:30 pm until at least 11:30 pm.
A few wines I forgot the vintage (maybe 2006) Couhins – Lurton, a Riesling, Monbousquet white 2007 (bitter almond ?), Canon La Gaffelière 2004 which, a bit austere when just opened became good after a while, a Syrah from Faugères in Languedoc ordered last year but which, unfortunately tasted a bit green. Maybe I am not in today’s “trend”, and to avoid any controversy, I am speaking about my taste as well as Murielle’s (and for the name, see for yourself).
It is surprising for my that you can still find some wines from this beautiful region produced with unripened grapes and even some bretts in addition.
Denis Dubourdieu still has plenty of work to do regarding the bretts and Michel Rolland or Claude Gros too, in regards to ripeness.

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