Friday, July 3, 2009

Wine Advocate N° 183, July 2009

David Schildknecht did an incredible amount of work visiting winery owners and tasting wines from the Languedoc and the Roussillon.
The titles: The best values in worst times for Languedoc and Pushing the envelope along France’s frontier for the Roussillon, with 659 wines noted and commented. David Schildknecht wrote his comments and notes. There is no doubt that his work will be commented by property owners, winemakers and of course other wine critics colleagues and wine enthusiasts. It will be hard to claim that he represents the “supposed” Parker taste for rich, concentrated and oaked wines, when in my humble opinion, he favors the “anti-Parker” trend of organic wines, with freshness, and for some under-ripeness. Fortunately, the good thing with David is that, even if it is hard to understand for Cartesian minds, he also gave good notes to wines produced by the “modern classic” school like ours and those of Claude Gros, Chapoutier or others.

So, thank you for these comments which, I think, will be followed by others and which will, in the end, increase the notoriety of this great wine region of the Roussillon, especially as it is coming from the worldwide respected Wine Advocate from Robert Parker.
Outside of a handful of properties, prices are between 6 and 30 Euros for European customers, and $15 to $50 for the USA.

Also noted, for Spain : Pingus 2006 99 points and Flor de Pingus 2006 94 points

In the same issue of Wine Advocate, Parker also re-noted the 1982 and 1990 vintage of top Bordeaux which were also well rated by him at that time (120 wines)
1982 : the beginning of Parker (and Rolland)
1990 for me, the beginning of the bordelaise « revival ».
Château La Dominique 1982 93 points
Château La Dominique 1990 92 points

I am glad to see the confirmation of the good ratings for Château La Dominique (I have nothing to do with this but Michel Rolland was already consulting for this property).
Wines rated and tasted were stored in very good condition, which is imperative for wines which will be tasted after 20 to 30 years.

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