Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The insurance agent for my company comes to see us every year to review the status of the different dossiers he handles for us as well as visit new buildings, stores or vineyards we bought during the last year.

The concept of trust and advise is not a word used lightly with Pierre Sarraf. Even though he is based in La Rochelle, he knows our business and is able to respond to all my needs.
The human report developed over the years has made our working relationship more than pleasant, despite the cost of the contribution!

Monday, we toured our properties in Pomerol and Margaux and had lunch at 2pm at the Brasserie du Relais Golf de Margaux, as always good, and had the opportunity to run into Thomas Duroux (Palmer). We also saw the quality work done in our vineyards in Bellevue de Tayac, which has not yet been able to solidify its image, nor its clients.
Goes to show how hard times are!

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