Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Visit of the vineyards : the véraison is well on its way, so the harvest is planned for us on September 21 ?

I like to read blogs !
Stéphane Toutoundji writes about consultants with humor, not an easy job to do !
François Mauss writes about blind tastings and Mark Squire’s opinion.

I received the film Merlove which won’t be as successful as Mondovino or Sideways, but is that a problem ?

Kenny Galloway doesn’t waist time in Bordeaux : after Lafite and Cos, Kenny you should also think of visiting cooperatives and find a few properties unknown to the American market.

You can read on votrecoeurfaitboum : about rapamycine. I though it was a play on words to describe the rapaciousness of the wine industry. But no, it is a serious subject. In any case, if it can increase sales of wine and in particular Chateau La Dominique, then it is a good thing.

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