Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kenny Galloway

We hosted an American blogger registered in Science Po Paris (School of Political Science) and who spends 2 months in Bordeaux to learn French in the morning, thanks to Alliance Française, and visit properties, who are opened to meet him, in the afternoon. This before doing a vinification internship at Guigual’s.
This approach is not common and this proves again that passion and curiosity are an incredible motivation.

In fact, after working for a few years in Mexico, he went back studying and is still looking for his direction. Maybe in wine?
In l’Essentiel, he tasted a few wines by the glass from our Enomatic, which works so well. Following and on our way to see Valandraud’s historical “garage”, we stumbled upon Jean Edouard Tribaudeau (ex intern) chatting with Michel Gracia. So, after visiting our cellars, we went to Gracia’s cellar, in the neighborhood, and tasted Angelots 2007 and several batches of Gracia and Angelots 2008.

Kenny just had enough time to go to Saint Emilion’s train station with Jet and our blogger is now converted to the garagists from Saint Emilion!

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