Monday, July 27, 2009


Jon (Jonathan) Wyand is an English photographer.
He was sent by the publisher of a book written or co-written by James Lawther, an English journalist living in Entre Deux Mers for a several years and who also writes for Decanter.
I didn’t understand what this book is going to bring as new information, but I will see once it is available in bookstores, in Mollat for instance or here in Saint Emilion, if there is a book signing event.
I am convinced that Jon is a good photographer for he has sparkling eyes and was enjoying staging Murielle and I.
It is rare that journalists or photographers are not nice. One of the main characteristic of those I met was their curiosity and empathy.
It makes it easier for both parties and helps communicating.

Regarding photographers and journalists, when I travel through vineyards in Bordeaux, it is easy to see which ones have been well tended, and will produce good grapes, and the others: vineyards weeded with chemicals and those ploughed or with cover-crop, which states that organic technique is being used, at least officially – at least in “noble” appellations.
What’s sure is that with a barrel of Bordeaux currently sold under 1000 Euros, the “basic” vine-grower must simply try to avoid going bankrupt, waiting for better days.

I hope that the new regulation for French table wine which allows using the vintage as well as listing the varietals will help those who can’t take any longer the AOC regulations, weather the crisis.

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