Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where are the comments ?

I didn’t find any comments on the last Wine Advocate (N°183), nor on Mark Squire’s BB, nor on La Passion du Vin, nor my friends’ sites and blogs.
The wines from Languedoc and Roussillon can be noted well, or bad, no one has any questions or comments… Goes to show…
Well, Parker noted again Bordeaux 1982 and 1990 and it didn’t create controversies, so...

Too much info, life is rough! The economic crisis puts everything in perspective. No one complains and in the meantime, work goes on. I even received a couple of French Taiwanese distributors capable of selling some Monbazillac and Fronsac in Taiwan.
I also met-up with a few ex-colleagues from the Crédit Agricole of Dordogne, who stopped by l’Essentiel and at the Discount boutique and brought friends who became customers of my store and ambassadors of Bordeaux and the Roussillon.

Around the vineyards: yields will be low in Saint Emilion, which doesn’t make us happy, as well as barrel makers and the whole local wine industry. Less wine, less corks, less bottles and money for the bank, less income tax, less investments.

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