Friday, December 19, 2008

Sud Ouest

On Thursday, December 18 2008, the local newspaper Sud Ouest published an article on Virginie titled: “Saint Emilion: The Thunevin family, the rich story of garage wine created by Jean-Luc”.
Rodolphe Wartel wrote an article with plenty of humor and made our story look good, even if it was actually true!
The photos from Stéphane Klein are beautiful because Virginie, who usually never smiles (so she says), became a pro with “cheese”.

Yesterday evening – aperitif at L’Essentiel organized by Carlos to celebrate the end of the year, followed by dinner organized by a friend. Again, an evening with no diet.
Today, we had our annual lunch at La Puce with all the employees of Thunevin Wine Product (Thunevin WP), the entity in charge of the vineyards, production cellars of my Bordeaux, and, of course the employees of Ets Thunevin, the entity in charge of sales, logistic, accounting of my wholesale business. In all, 42 people.
This evening, Jean Edouard invited us for an aperitif at Château Mauvinon and his mother will prepare “tapas”.. Another Tanguy?

More notes: from Jean Marc Quarin on Bordeaux 2006, again, all the wines I am involved in received good notes except Marojallia.
La Dominique is starting to regain its rank in Saint Emilion, Fleur Cardinale confirming one more time its consistent level of quality, Haut Carles its status of fine wine and Valandraud did pretty well with 17 points!

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