Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Objectif Aquitaine

Yesterday, I had a meeting at Vignobles Fayat with all the production managers and our accountants to analyze our costs, and try to understand why and where we are more expensive, or less, than our colleagues… Of course, the specificities of the right bank with small properties, don’t help us to be more competitive. Still, nothing prevents us to improve, with less and this is normal in this group – as in my own company!

Pressure to manage cost and the administrators should still allow for us to carry on improving our quality.
Still, we need to go through the world financial crisis and I am afraid that I totally agree with the article published in the Nouvel Ops magazine where the journalist was able to do a rare interview with Mr. Jean François Moueix. My constant anguish comes from the renewal of my credit lines, loans, rates and choice of investments.
The 2008 vintage, even if it is of great quality, won’t be easy to sell if the world economy doesn’t improve by the month of June.

The magazine Objetif Aquitaine released his list of 2008 “talents” and I was included and even received a special selection. Lets hope that this promotion won’t bring another tax audit or more solicitations from companies offering accounting services…

Back to the office for “normal” work, the harvest of our 4 rows of Cabernet Sauvignons picked like an “ice-wine” put Murielle in the spotlight: Article in Sud Ouest newspaper (2 times) and even an interview on local radio France Bleue Gironde.

I would also like to answer to a few comments recently published on this blog.
To Fil who writes “I noticed that you often invite journalists… This seems to be an excellent investment ”: Of course it is an excellent investment and it helps me – us to save time. Don’t see it as a negative point, but these journalists who come to see me usually already have the intention to write a good article on me or my company. If not, they wouldn’t accept my invitations for a meal.
To Bernard Ordonnac who wrote “ What an exciting life you have. A real star. You should start a literary carrier with your sharp sense of observation. And all your cultural references. Finally, you are the Paris Hilton of the bacchic world, going from interviews to hair salons. But tell us something, dear Jean-Luc, what’s your secret to stay so modest?”. My dear Bernard, I am not “so modest”, just a bit of self mockery… but still you have to know me more than through my blog… and it doesn’t hurt to like oneself, doesn’t it? I read – with a bit of difficulty – a book from Abraham Maslow on my last flight, he has the advantage to believe that man is naturally good, what’s your opinion?
Other than that, Max didn’t take well being compared to Tinkerbell… As for me, I finally like Paris, especially since she called to vote for Obama.

Objectif Aquitaine – suite ( or, if I don’t say it, it must be true !)

I hope that Objectif Aquitaine is right to give special selections and other 2008 talents. I remember the story of this very big and famous negociant in the 80s who, after having just gotten a full story in Sud Ouest during Vinexpo (I think) went bankrupted, despite his talent. I always have this story in my head even if I am happy to be nominated.

The comment is actually not wrong as it starts the following way:
“it is the story of a man who constantly doubts…” the funny part is the conclusion of their article: “… a character which allows him to claim with Murielle, that he would be able to start from scratch in case of failure. He is a star, not a diva, you can trust his word”.

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