Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Eco-crime" against humanity

Why aren’t the people responsible for this worldwide financial fiasco brought to justice in The Hague’s international tribunal, especially as it is so easy to identify the bankers and professional speculators who created these infernal machines with the only goal to make more money on hot air.
The bonuses and salaries of these crooks are still registered in the all the accounting statements of countries called normal as well as in tax havens.

Why did all these organisms of control, certification and audits are still free? What’s the use to have an auditor (mandatory) if his role is only to report me when I won’t be able to pay him?

In any case, it is absurd… and when you think that it will be the same people who will tell us how to recreate a “different” economy. While waiting for 2009 and millions of unemployed, where is the police? Why so few cases brought to court? Does a person steeling a chicken risks harder punishment that Mr Madoff?

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