Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Damn fools… It feels like the French state and its tribunals want to kill Saint Emilion’s classification. The Constitutional Court (can you believe) canceled Monday’s decision to reinstate 7 chateaux who were promoted, demoted then promoted again.
How far will they go to ridicule Saint Emilion and its classification?
Will the appeals court, which is supposed to give its judgment soon, be able to correct the injustice caused to these 7 crus?
Injustice which is now costing a lot of money.
In fact, will all the people responsible for this mess be liable for all the financial loss?
Can you believe that the tax service criticizes my company for being cautious by making contingencies to weather the effects caused by the disputes of this classification! I am starting to believe that I was not pessimistic enough!
If I had made contingencies for the financial mess caused directly, or indirectly, by the newly promoted, fortunately, I only bought a few cases of the wines demoted in 3006…
Shouldn’t the whole appellation make contingencies for the loss of its image, credibility, damage and interest they are entitled to by all the “jerks” who caused this dismal affair.

As the saying goes in Audiard’s film: “les Tontons Flingueurs” (known as Crooks in Clover or Monsieur Gangster): “les cons ça ose tout, c’est même à ça qu’on les reconnait ! ” (Idiots dare everything and can even be recognized because of that).

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