Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Monday was quiet for me, Gilles and Jean-Pierre are in Paris for “the” annual meeting with the buyers from a French mass-merchant chain. For the 1st time, I am not going with them for I was busy with my first photo session with my daughter Virginie.
Stéphane Klein, a photographer for Sud Ouest newspaper was able, for the 1st time, I think, to take a photo where we were relaxed and especially smiling. Virginie would have preferred to be with her horses than with our bottles of wine, but Virginie de Valandraud is going to be featured in a big article in this regional newspaper…
As long as newspapers will be able to write freely about wine, it won’t spoil our pleasure! I was even more pleased to see that when I searched in their archive for Valandraud or Thunevin this morning, I saw 52 articles written since 1991. When I think that I beleived they had not written enough about Valandraud, this is no small feat. It is true that I am never satisfied, always looking for more; again “jealous” people will, rightly, think that I am only interested in me, me, me, only me!
Well, back to the Sud Ouest newspaper, one of the best articles written about Valandraud and me, was from Christian Seguin published on July 30, 2001. The one published in L’Express magazine by Mr. Dupuy triggered a series on TV reports in TF1, M6, Arte, etc… Hurrah for the media!

We are now in full holiday season with Christmas and the birthdays of Karl and Axelle, and in addition, dinners this evening, tomorrow evening an even Thursday evening, with nice truffles already bought by Jérôme… Hard to stay slim.

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