Saturday, December 6, 2008

End of my trip

Wednesday, I visited in Seoul the chefs and directors of the Sheraton and especially the W. It has an exceptional view on the Han River which crosses this energetic megalopolis of 25 million inhabitants. It is a mix between thousands of years of Asian history and science fiction (a bit like Blade Runner!)

What a chance to be the “star” of garage wines, the Bad Boy wine icon; my distributor hired a room for an afternoon nap in this 6 star hotel and responded to any of my needs and wishes with kindness, all this attention for me to be in top form for the image and professionalism required from me.
I decided to get my hair cut only during my trips to Asia! The last time I was in Hong Kong, it made me feel like I should open a chain of hair salons for men, Chinese style. This would be a good change from the hair salon in the shopping center in Libourne.

This place is beautiful and very chic, with house and garage music, proper attire required, the Parisian chic is surpassed by the chic style of Korean women in Seoul… The Seoul touch!
My hair was impeccable, the silk pocket handkerchief added to my jeans/blazer outfit is chick, without being too formal for this country for a press conference with a dozen journalist (dailies, living, leisure, internet) and tasting of a few wines. The questions were for the most part very professional, the garage movement is well, even very well, understood here and a movie star like photo session followed, then a gala dinner organized for more than 50 people, some important to develop a good relationship with our partner who are greatly solicited…

More journalists and especially the sweet and radiant Korean TV star Ida Daussy who signed her last book the success story of this French woman in the land of peaceful mornings (and that I read cover to cover in the plane).

The meal was one of the best I experienced in my French life for so many people; the harmony with the wines, the Blanc de Valandraud N°1 2006 which impressed everyone. Virginie, 3 de Valandraud and Valandraud 2004, opened more than 6 hours before, were perfect and of course the 99 vintage. The 2006 vintage was too young, and still closed.

Time passed too fast with a fund raising event organized, drawing lots of presents and the traditional photo op given to guests.
All there is to do is organize the next trip in Spring for the 2008 en primeur campaign?

Yesterday, the trip back from Seoul to Bordeaux was long, a big day; in addition, I had to deal with jetlag. The trip was good, our minister Bernard Kouchner was travelling in the same plane, which shows that even ministers don’t always take private jets.

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