Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nouvelle vague (new wave)

It’s not only in the movies that a new wave replaces the old one!
In Bordeaux, a new generation on wine sellers is already there. Every time I meet one of these young wolves hungry for work, performance and status that it makes me feel a bit to “cushy”, or even too established. I am lucky that they like me and accept to work with my wholesale business and properties. I am always paying attention to what’s going on here, you have to be; if not, you end up shrinking, and in Bordeaux, it is the kiss of death.

Just a few examples: Vinexpo used to be constantly put down when they started but since then they reinforced the image of Bordeaux, and no one is crying wolf! Another one is the privilege I have to sell Pingus (this Spanish cult wine) through my negoce, allows me also to sell some of the best Bordeaux to clients who ask about Pingus and Flor de Pingus.
Again, another one, why let London or Geneva sell top Chateauneuf du Pape or Burgundies on the open market? Aren’t we professional enough to take care of it here in Bordeaux?

You got it, yesterday, I ate at home with 2 young representative from this new generation of wholesalers and brokers in Bordeaux. I won’t give names, only the menu and wines we drank!
Pata Negra ham, scallops, roast beef with truffled mash potatoes à la Hervé Bizeul and egg custard.
For the wines, the 1st bottle was corked – the cork maker was C.R.L. – and it was a Cheval Blanc 1999 (darn!), the 2nd one was between good and fair: Beauséjour Duffau 2005, in order to check if the bottle we drank in Maury was normal.
The wine was good, but not enough considering the potential of this property who produced a marvelous 1990!
Corton Charlemagne 2001 and Coche Dury a bit neutral for my taste, but I am not sure if the wines were properly stored.
Blanc de Valandraud N° 1 2006 was not better. So when are we going to enjoy a good bottle? Bad Boy 2006, bottled just 5 days ago. we’ll see in 2 to 3 months. Finally, Valandraud 1998, my favorite wine in my properties, really a great wine. We ended with Yquem 2005, remarkable in purity, pleasure and light, not customary in Sauterne.

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