Monday, December 8, 2008

Calm day back to work

My return to the office was calm, at least as far as work is concerned, but as for meals, it was another story…
Once a year, a meal at Chateau La Couspaude is organized by the members of this very exclusive club. The goal is to share a great meal, to say the least, foie gras, thrush and woodcock roasted in the fireplace, truffles served on slices of bread, in egg cups with soft boiled eggs, in mash potatoes, in salad and brie… oysters, desert,… all this under the pretext of drinking good wine and have a good meal as it was done in the 19th Century.

Almost all the wines were served in magnums:
The best cuvees from Deutz and Ruinart,
La Couspaude 2001: a pure delight with truffles,
Grand Pontet 1986 astonishingly young,
Canon La Gaffelière 1988, one of the successes in the right bank for this forgotten vintage
Ausone 1989, great wine with a classical balance and delightful
Montrose 1986 probably drank too young
La Landonne 2003: the new style of these great wines from Guigal, who formed my taste for southern wines.
The magnificient and great wine of this day dedicated to Bacchus – nobody will be surprised – was: Mouton Rothschild 2003, a real success for this false great vintage, which had some great but also “dry” wine.
Armagnac, Calvados, eau de vie de prune… We stayed at the table from 1 to 6pm.
Friendship and sharing this day were up to par with the quality of the meal and time went too fast, especially when it was time to leave. The comedians who made us laugh deserved a standing ovation!

We did this again at home for dinner: Philippe and his family came to our house to share a nice piece of beef grilled in the fireplace and served with fresh cepes from Bordeaux picked in woods from the area. It is the first time in our life that we ate some so late in the season. Croix de Labrie 2001 and Gracia 1998 were the proper wines to serve with this great meal, especially for Murielle who loves cepes.

Saturday, we had lunch at home with a few guests from Israel, wine lovers and friends and the sons of the owner from Margalit: Valandraud kosher 2002 and non kosher served blind, as well as Nigl 2005 Riesling, delicious.


AB said...

Was it possible to tell the difference between the Kosher and non-Kosher cuvees? Thank You!

Jean-Luc Thunevin said...

The Kosher and non-Kosher cuvees are slightly different for two reasons: the selection is made from 2 vats (Merlot, Cabernet Franc) for the Kosher cuvee vs around 50 vats for the non-Kosher. In addition, no work is done (extraction, pumping over, punshing of the cap, etc.) during the Sabbath. This amounts to 20% less work done during the fermentation.
Both cuvees are made with the same philosophy and utmost care to quality. The grapes come from some of the best parcels of Valandraud. When I present Valandraud to the press, I pour both cuvees side by side to show that they are both of very high quality.

AB said...

Do you have plans to be in San Diego, California, USA in the near future? I am planning a charity wine tasting and would like to pour your Kosher cuvees. Thanks so much.