Thursday, December 20, 2007


We had the visit of Eric Vogt and the former head of communication of the Syndicat Viticole of Saint Emilion.

Eric is the Commander of the Commanderie de Bordeaux in Boston. He was in town to talk about his big project: finalize a system of traceability and security for the world’s great wines. This battle is not yet won… but at 59 years old, Eric has the passion of a young man.

In fact, it looks a bit like the Loch Ness, or Don Quichotte fighting against these lousy windmills. If everyone wants to have better security against counterfeits, the 2nd aspect should be respecting conditions of storage, of transportation in regards to temperatures (a truck riding here during the month of August makes more damage than a bad note from Broadbent!).

As soon as the system is in place, I think of using it at least for Valandraud. The cost will limit this tool to expensive wines: I was told that it will cost 3 Euros per bottle?!

During the meal at the Clos du Roy, we drank a delicious bottle of Clos des Fées white 2004 and Valandraud 2005, which is most likely the best wine we produced since 1991.

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Perry said...

Jean-Luc, although I haven't seen details of Eric's project, don't forget that the system needs to be usable in the long term...a bottle of Valendraud might rest in the cellar for twenty five years or more.