Friday, December 14, 2007

Nice series of meetings

Yesterday, I had a big day at Clément Pichon : Meeting with Pierre, David, Christine and Laetitia, conversation with Mr Bonnalet and Jean Claude Fayat.

I spent the afternoon with one of the biggest brokerage firm in Bordeaux in order to better understand their business practice and, of course, talk about our wines as well as the ones from Fayat, Fronsac and even the Roussillon.

In the evening, I had a private dinner at Clément Pichon with the people in charge of construction in one of our property. I was back home at 11:30 pm…

This morning, I had a meeting with a journalist from RVF (Revue du Vin de France) to talk about our Pomerols, then, lunch with my employees, phone meeting with the group Fayat and visit of La Dominique with the group Fayat.

These kind of days make you feel the need for 48 hour days!

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