Thursday, December 27, 2007

Château Ratouin, Pomerol

This cru has finally changed hands (Murielle and I) as well as name and will be called Le Clos du Beau-père.

It’s 1.3 hectares (3.21 acres) in Lalande de Pomerol will keep the same name: Clos des Sabines.

This is what Bernard Ginestet wrote in his guide on Pomerol (Collection Le Grand Bernard des vins de France, published in 1984)

“Château Ratouin
Area: 3 ha (7.41 acres)
Location: In the north-west part of the district, near the town of René.

Since the end of the 19th Century, this Château was called L’Angélus, but after the owners of a property with the same name in Saint Emilion protested, Serge Ratouin had to give it up and gave this property his own name. Located in a “charming little corner of France”, Château Ratouin produces beautiful wines. It is the quintessential family property, concerned as well as proud with the quality of its production. Located in the north-west of the district, the domain’s vineyards extends from the N. 89, the road between Bordeaux and Périgueux, and the train tracks of the Paris-Bordeaux line. The clever choice of varietals planted and a soil rich in gravel and iron make it a classic Pomerol. While the premises and equipment have been renewed in the past few years, the vinification techniques, such as aging, are still done according to the experience acquired over several generations. The wines can be tasted with the owner in the beautiful and pleasant room where, during the harvest season, the workers eat. The wine-lover will be able to get a long finish as well as the right touch of tannins”.

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