Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick trip to Sweden and Finland

I traveled with Catherine to Sweden to visit our agent/importer with whom we have been working with for now a year.

As soon as we arrived, we took the Stockholm-Helsinki ferry: The whole night journey is a good opportunity for Swedes and Fins to party and buy product duty-free, especially alcohol which are highly taxed in these countries.
It was the opportunity for me to promote my wines and had the luxury to use the services of an illustrious interpreter: Andreas Larsson, best sommelier in the world and 1st Swede to have won this title. As you can expect, he is famous.
We didn’t stop working, our importer is a mix between a passion for wine and Nordic pragmatism. I think that our wines: Valandraud, Virginie de Valandraud, 3 de Valandraud, Présidial, our entire range of Calvet-Thunevin, as well as Haut Carles and Commanderie de Mazeyres, we well received by sommeliers and journalists.
If we had 20 agents like this one, our company would be one of the top in Bordeaux.
The Boutique Hotel Rival in Stockholm (which belongs to the singer of Abba) was really nice and the meal lively. Swedes like to drink wine and party. Unfortunately, I had a throat infection (flu?) and couldn’t really talk, having lost my voice.

I quickly went back to work as soon as I got back to the office for we had to give our last balance sheet to our bank and had meetings with the architect for the project in Maury and fixing up the houses and cellar in the village.

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