Monday, December 10, 2007


(What’s taking place while I am in Sweden?)

Paranoia is one of the effects of modern life, due to stress, the desire to be successful, media, being egotistic… Who knows! In any case, this is not what’s missing in the world of wine. It even gets contagious.

The smallest remark on his wine and the owner gets on his high horse… people hate him, don’t understand anything, whatever the status of the wine or the owner.
Myself, I constantly have to fight against this, but I think I am overcoming, although…: My last corked bottle (even though my colleagues use the same cork supplier and have no problems), the last tasting where my wine finished right behind this jerk, the last court case which I lost (even though I should have won but didn’t know the judge), a friend who doesn’t want to speak to me, also having himself become paranoid…

In fact, this paranoia can be explained. However, when one reaches the point to avoid any contact, except through an advertorial… (still, with little praise). In this case, I recommend to consult a specialist, but who would is capable of giving the proper diagnosis?

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