Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Je m'aime.... moi non plus!

A journalist (I don’t care much for and vise-versa) is listed in the top 10 first responses on Google, he has the right to be proud of it… as he is the one claiming this.

I would only have the following question: is he interested in quality or quantity vis-à-vis his competition? (as he doesn’t use the word “colleagues”, excluding himself…).

In any case, what is sure is that he knows how to get listed on Google, and speak about himself in the 3rd person. However… when a wine gets a good note in his media, I get suspicious.
Is it serious doctor?

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Isabel said...

Quality and quantity.
The first one depends always on us. The second one is the result of the first one.
Quantity without quality is rather superficial.
Quality alone is always a good start.
But when it comes to wines, quality is everything, and quantity is not. It should be the same with people.
We should be more like wines.