Friday, December 7, 2007


Pure Merlot Blend for 3 Americans, Lionel, Carlos and us 2.
Bad Boy 2005 (pure Merlot)
Fleur Mongiron 2001 (pure Merlot) 80 % sold in the USA
Croix de Labrie 2000 ( pure Merlot) our local Viagra 100 % merlot
Valandraud 99 (70 % merlot 30 % cabernet franc)

This team of young American is producing a documentary in the Mondino style (I hope that the camera won’t shake as much… at least they are using a tripod!) with the working title (if I understood correctly) “Merlove”.

What is certain is that this film is shot by 2 wine professionals, who love Merlot, Grenache and blends. Therefore this film won’t be sectarian. They loved the atmosphere at our place, and our bakery, cheese and ham suppliers, butcher, vegetables and patisseries… As well as Murielle’s talent.

On the site of La Passion du Vin, I read a piece on Broadbent’s article published in Decanter, where this old man hangs on to certainties and denounces in a Nossiter way, wines that are “too much”, “not enough”… I had the rare pleasure to participate to an event organized by the great chef Mr. Raymond Blanc, in his starred restaurant Le Manoir des 4 Saisons in Oxford: where Mr Broadbent was my interpreter (I don’t speak English). You can imaging this poor man obliged to translate all my bullshit. It must have been the worst day of his life. All this to please his host.

The advantage, at least for me, is that he saw that I am not the devil, and that I don’t smell like sulfur. I must say that despite his total opposition to what I represent, his good education (and mine) helped us spend this moment without any trouble (at least on my side).

In any case, age doesn’t seem to change his opinion, and it won’t be tomorrow that I will agree with him!

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