Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Afiliates, participations, associations….

On December 1st 2007, I created the « Thunevin WP » (WP= wine product) SARL (corporation) due to the evolution of the company and in order to bring the status of the employees and management in line with labor regulations; whether working in the agriculture side or in the cellar, with our partners or in the service department. For France has different legislations (for how long?) depending if you work in the industrial sector, sales, agriculture, etc…

What will the status be for the employee working in the vineyards, bottling the wine in our cellars and labeling bottles in our warehouse? This is mainly a French problem and the “absurdity” of our system. But this is the way it is!

Another example. The regulations for overtime is different for the agriculture sector (seasonal) than for others.

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